Our Founders


SANTOSH KATARIYA - Managing Director

The journey of Peppermint started in the eyes of a young boy even before he graduated. Circumstances forced him into acquiring a livelihood for his family. Turning this adversity into opportunity, he set his foot in the business world as a novice trader of kid’s garments. The passion for his work pushed him into starting his own manufacturing facility. What started as a 365 sq. ft. workshop has now expanded into 175000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility. He believes this is a mere beginning, as for him even the sky can’t be a limit.

It’s not only his ability to envision the journey, but also lead the entire team to translate it to reality is what makes him the cornerstone of the organisation.

When asked what the secret to his success is, he promptly answers, “Let your efforts be passion driven. Success comes in as a by-product, anyway! ”



The face of Peppermint for the outside world, Rajendra is an extremely humble person heading the sales and marketing team for the organisation. Blessed with the ability to understand, analyse and interpret the market trends, he has led the brand’s presence from a mere 50 Multi Brand Outlets to more than a whopping 1000 Outlets and the expansion continues.

When asked what inspires him to grow, “For me, impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible!”



The youngest of the Katariya clan, Kamlesh has always been fascinated by intricacy, may it be in the embellishments of garments or their production process. He has an eye for minute details which pushes him to travel across the world to find the best accessories to enrich their designs. Not only is he passionate about art but also is technology driven. He is on a constant pursuit to optimise their production facility and come up with innovative ways to make it bigger, better and ultimately an exemplar for efficient manufacturing.

When asked what his dream is, he ardently answers, “To bring a smile on the faces of millions of little princesses adorned by our product is what will make me happy.”

For this multifaceted entrepreneur, one could definitely say, ”He is jack of few trades but a master of many more!”