Garment care


Paying some extra attention to how you wash your clothes will not only prolong their life, but also help minimize the environmental impact and save our natural resources. The washing instructions on the label will give you advice on how to best care for your garment, and here are some other resourceful advice.


• Cotton is soft, cool and comfortable.

• Wash in cold water as warm water can shrink cotton garments.

• It has a tendency to wrinkle so use a hot steam iron before wearing.


• Wash denim before wearing.

• To avoid shrinking denim, wash in cold water and use low heat if drying.

• The shrinking properties of cotton allow you to wash denim once worn to get the original shape back

• Traditional Jeans Fabric is 100% cotton, and very durable.


• Polyester is durable, strong, and resistant to creasing.

• It’s a manufactured fibre, which wears well.

• Wash in cold or warm water, and use a fabric softener.

• Low absorbency allows fibre to dry quickly - resistant to stretching or shrinking.

• It's sensitive to heat so use iron at a low temperature inside out, with no steam.

• Some garments with Polyester may be "dry clean only", make sure you check the manufacturer's label to find out if your garment is.


• Viscose breathes like cotton and has a soft luxurious feel.

• The most common type of rayon.

• Try to avoid pegging viscose on the clothes line as the pegs can leave indents when fabric is wet.


• Rayon has some qualities of cotton. Some garments will be 'dry clean only'.

• Rayon is soft and comfortable to wear, it drapes well and has no static or pilling problems.

• Most rayon should be dry-cleaned - some can be washed so care instructions need to be followed carefully.

• It may wrinkle easily depending on the fabric blend, so iron on low heat.

• Check the label to see if yours is. Hand wash or machine wash in Luke warm or cool water.

• Do not tumble dry, instead dry flat as rayon may stretch when wet.. Press with iron at a cool temperature, with no steam.

• Do not wring or twist dry.