Core Values

Core Beliefs & Values

Family does not let down

We care about one another as a family and help others succeed. Every member’s uniqueness is respected and we believe that it is with everyone's contribution , Peppermint will retain its strength and vitality.

Innovation fuels our growth

We believe that innovation is creativity with a job to do. Peppermint thrives on its novel and imaginative designs. The entire organization aligns it efforts to ensure that the creativity of our designers is converted into reality of our products.

Details make all the difference

Whether we are designing a garment, buying a fabric, planning for production or delivering to the customer, details make all the difference and finishing matters the most.

Quality Consciousness

We believe that though an affordable price tag can attract customers once, it is only quality that will ensure that they keep coming back to us.

We learn everyday

Fashion changes everyday. To remain on the forefront of style, design and trends we need to constantly upgrade our knowledge. Knowledge is a shared commodity at Peppermint. It multiplies with every person it touches.

Customer happiness is the ultimate reward

A delighted child is a joy to everyone. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring all our customers experience this joy.